Searching for Santa by John Nixon


A shot of my wife, Charlotte – an artist, in her new studio in the house we’re renovating. Charlotte is standing in the recently-reopened fireplace and is lit by a single speedlight through a white brolly. I’d have repositioned it slightly but Charlotte is not very patient and I only got one chance!

Hi John,
Thanks for sending me your picture. My immediate reaction was “Why didn’t you put the speed light up the chimney?” The shot is OK, but a little bland. If Charlotte is impatient, then in future set up the shot without her, then get her in at the last minute! I know it would have been bit difficult but I am sure it was doable, otherwise the shot as it is, is rather mundane. It’s a lovely fireplace, it would look good in any shot. If it is not too late try setting it up again!

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