Julia by Rob Timko


Attached is my favorite image from last year. My wife and I work as a team and we started a long term project where we shoot different people “getting ready” to go out. A few photos each that shows their differences in style and routine, in their own environment. This is Julia. She’s 18 and has been living on her own in her artist studio since she graduated H.S. at the age of 16.

Hi Rob,
Thanks for sending me your picture of Julia. This is one of your best pictures . The shot looks more natural than your usual work. I would suggest that maybe this shot would look even better if you darkened the background down slightly in Photoshop, especially the left side is distracting. You could even add a tone or desaturate the background a bit so that she stands out more. The focus fall off works very well here and maybe you should experiment more with this technique in the future. Nice picture though! Keep up the good work!