Funny Games by Stuart Scott


Dear Frank,
Here is one of my images from a series I shot titled ‘Funny Games’ for portfolio building purposes – it was a concept that was developed from the film. It was a situational setting with school boy and school girl and I was aiming to achieve tension in the atmosphere, as though maybe the fun and games were getting out of control and there was a dark side to the boy.

The lighting I used was a small soft box on a held beam off to the right and above the boy and a large octabank at the rear and left of camera for fill. It was a friends empty room so I brought all of the furniture and props in myself to create the set. I am a keen photographer and am hoping to get assisting and representation soon.


Hi Stuart,
This is a very nice shot; nicely propped and nicely composed. My personal feeling is it would be nice if the light sources could identified, so the light on him could be coming from a doorway (unseen) to the right of your camera. You could create a shaft of light that looks as though a door has been opened, lighting him. The light on her could come from a ceiling light or lamp. This just makes the shot which is already quite staged a little more “real” – it looks very unnatural for me now. This would add to the tension as well. Also maybe something could have been thrown on the floor or on the chair, unless you meant the room to be totally immaculate. Good work though keep it up!